Invoice Financing

Invoice Financing for eCommerce businesses

Improve your inventory and cash flow cycles. Don’t let your working capital limit your growth.

Focus on growth
We take care of your invoices

More discounts
More discounts

Get discounts for early payment and improve your relationship with your suppliers

Increase Purchasing Power
Increase Purchasing Power

Don't wait until you have sold to buy again

Avoid stock-outs
Avoid stock-outs

Don't run out of cash. Don't run out of stock.

How RITMO Invoice Financing Works?

Super easy and it will only take you a few minutes.
Create your RITMO account

It’s free and it will only take you a couple of minutes

Upload your invoices

Easily upload your invoices to your RITMO account

Pay, schedule or finance each invoice

Select if you want to pay, schedule or finance each invoice you upload

Improve your working capital cycle

Don't use your cash to pay your suppliers. Avoid stock-outs and accelerate your business growth.

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Pay your vendors no matter where they are

Make international payments in more than 30 currencies and save up to 90% of transaction fees.

Pay and finance your suppliers invoices
Pay and finance your supplier invoices

Pay international and domestic suppliers from your RITMO dashboard.

Schedule your payments quickly & easily
Schedule your payments quickly and easily

Manage your vendor list in your RITMO account and save time scheduling your payments

RITMO helps growing eCommerce brands address their cash flow needs

Paying suppliers is complex and time-consuming

Don't waste time paying your suppliers one by one. Make all your transactions on the same platform and save time for what really matters.

Cross border payments with suppliers are expensive

Stop losing money by paying high-interest rates imposed by banks on cross border payments to pay your international suppliers. RITMO offers you access to the most competitive conversion rates in the market.

Monitoring and control cash flow cycles is highly inefficient

Get real-time reporting on your cash inflows and outflows and automatic, reliable cash flow forecasts and insights powered by AI without leaving the RITMO platform.

Getting credit from my international suppliers is very difficult

Forget about struggling to get credit from your suppliers, RITMO offers you access to flexible funding to extend your payment terms with the best conditions.

Cash conversion cycles and working capital needs are increasing

We help you improve your working capital cycles with access to fast and flexible funding to keep your eCommerce growth on track.

I don't have enough flexibility to pay new suppliers

We take care of paying your suppliers upfront. Increase your purchasing power and avoid stock-outs. Choose your repayment period from 4 to 12 weeks and pay when you start selling.

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RITMO Invoice Financing: What is it?

Invoice Financing is a financial solution that RITMO provides to improve your purchasing capacity and procurement cycle without putting your company's cash flow at risk.

RITMO will pay invoices directly to suppliers while you benefit from extended payment terms (from 4 to 12 weeks) and deal with inventory purchases.

Why apply for Invoice Financing?

Relying on a financial product such as RITMO's Invoice Financing will allow you to improve your purchasing power and supply cycle without putting your company's cash flow at risk.

RITMO will take care of paying invoices directly to suppliers and you can benefit from extended payment terms (from 4 to 12 weeks) and handle inventory purchases even during peak demand.

Invoice financing will allow you to improve your working capital and cash flow cycles. In addition, you can access our Growth Capital financing product at the same time, which you can use to invest in the growth and expansion of your eCommerce business.

How does the Invoice Financing application process work?

The process of applying for invoice financing at RITMO is very simple and will take no more than 5 minutes.

Here are the steps for requesting invoice financing with RITMO

  • Registration on the platform

  • Connection of your marketing and sales accounts, open banking and accounting systems

  • Analysis of data through our algorithms and scoring

  • Sending of a personalised offer by the RITMO team

  • Customer approval

  • Upload your invoices and choose the repayment term (4-12 weeks)

  • We pay your invoices

What are the main benefits of Invoice Financing?

RITMO will take care of paying your invoices directly to suppliers, allowing sellers to enjoy benefits such as:

  • Extending supplier payment terms

  • Access to early payment discounts and improve the relationship with suppliers.

  • Increase purchasing and procurement capacity.

  • Improve their working capital and cash flow cycle.

  • No need for collateral or guarantees to obtain liquidity.

How long does the funding process take?

Once you have connected all your marketing and sales accounts, our sales team will contact you back with a pre-approval offer for funding in less than 24 hours.

What is “Credit Balance”?

Credit balance or available credit is the total amount of financing available to the customer. The client may request payment of invoices for the total amount of credit available.

The credit balance is calculated as:

Maximum approved limit - Invoices paid by RITMO + Repayments made by the customer.

How to upload invoices to your Ritmo account?

Access the "My invoices" section by clicking on the link you will receive by email to access the internal platform. Once inside you only have to upload your invoices and we will take care of paying your suppliers directly.

How do you know the status of the invoices you have uploaded to RITMO?

Your invoices will go through different statuses throughout the process to keep you informed. You will be able to check their status at any time through your account.

Once the invoices have been paid to your suppliers, when do you start repaying for the use of the line?

The repayment period to RITMO for the financing of invoices starts 7 days after RITMO has paid your invoices to the supplier.

Repayments will continue for the refund period you have selected when uploading invoices.

How are the weekly repayments made to RITMO?

Repayment will be made automatically through a Direct Debit agreement between your bank and RITMO's bank so you don't have to worry about making the transfer every week.

You will receive an email and an invoice in your inbox for each repayment.

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Buy now. Pay later.

Improve your inventory and cash flow cycles. Don’t let your working capital limit your growth.
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