Growth Capital to boost the growth of your e-commerce business

Up to £3 Million in flexible capital and all the insights you need to accelerate the growth of your e-commerce business

Perpetua is excited to join forces with RITMO to boost the marketplace growth of our customers

RITMO & Perpetua join forces in a combined Growth Program to help Marketplaces Sellers boost their sales

Growth Strategy

The infrastructure, professional advice and capital you need to scale up your business

Flexible Funding

We provide you with the capital you need to grow and improve your cash flow when you need it

Access the community

Most powerful e-commerce community with the best partners and experts in the industry

Better terms

As a Perpetua client, you get a lower commission on all our solutions.

Smart capital for marketplace sellers



Your offer in 24 hours



You pay back at your own pace

Friendly :)

Friendly :)

No dilution. No personal guarantees. No audits.

How does
RITMO Capital work?

Connect your accounts

Choose your offer

Choose the most convenient payback rate and get up to 3 million Pounds in less than 24 hours

Pay at your own pace

Pay through a small percentage of your sales. If your sales decrease, the payback period increases. No additional costs

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Join hundreds of online sellers that are already fuelling their growth with RITMO & Perpetua

From £5,000 to £3 million in 24 hours to invest in inventory and in your online marketing campaigns
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