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We are Ritmo, financial ally of digital companies in phases of growth

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What do we do?

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs in the digital economy succeed and scale their businesses quickly without the need for dilution.

We provide digital entrepreneurs with the capital they need to scale their investment in online marketing campaigns in a flexible and agile way.

We invest between €50K and €3M under a revenue-share model, with 0% interest and no hidden fees, adapting to your rate of growth.

You pay us back with a small percentage of your sales until the total borrowed capital is paid back in full. In return, we apply a 6% commission on the capital advanced.

How do we do it?

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We’re fast

Speed is our hallmark, which means that once your offer is approved, you will have the funds within 24 hours

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We’re friendly

When working with Ritmo, you will not get diluted and we do not demand guarantees: you keep control of your company and you can rest easy

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We’re flexible

We adapt to your pace of sales. You don't have to worry if your income falls as the repayments will also go down and the repayment period will be extended

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We’re transparent

What you see is what you get. No interest and no hidden charges. You know the commission and the % of sales for repayments from the very beginning

And we are inclusive and fair

Born with strong social conviction and vocation, we believe that if we do well our environment benefits

Against the gender gap

We invest equally in projects with a majority of women on the board or as shareholders

For the environment

We are committed to a green future and do not invest in environmentally unfriendly sectors

For social justice

Our data model kicks out any criteria that imply social discrimination

Who are we?

We are three serial digital entrepreneurs: experts in digital marketing, Fintech and artificial intelligence, who contribute our skills in order to improve the European digital entrepreneurship ecosystem, setting off with our first step in Spain.

Ritmo was born out of the feeling of frustration we experienced ourselves as entrepreneurs, with the problems we faced when raising capital and scaling our businesses simultaneously: loss of control over our company and loss of focus on how well the business was being executed.

Our vision is to support entrepreneurs with the tools and capital they need to accelerate the growth of their businesses. We are transforming the capital industry to make it more accessible, fair and transparent for entrepreneurs in Southern Europe.

Raimundo Burguera

Raimundo Burguera

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Serial entrepreneur in fintech and digital business.

Founder and CEO of InnoHub, where they created one of the leading financial services and digital credit platforms for SMEs in Mexico with 25M USD of investment and more than 35,000 customers. Backed and partially sold by Santander Bank.

Co-founder and CEO of Vetta, where he contributed to the development of 10 startups in the fintech and artificial intelligence arena. Previously worked as a hedge fund manager at Valira Asset Management.

Completely in love with his family and passionate about sailing.

Pablo Gasalla

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Serial entrepreneur in the fintech and adtech sphere, with extensive knowledge in digital strategy.

He has extensive experience launching and managing successful companies, such as Jot Internet Media and Iahorro.com.

Independent Director of both regulated companies and scaleups, such as MasMovil's Digital Bank.

Co-founder & VP at the Spanish Fintech and Insurtech Association.

His three passions: his family, travelling around the world on his bike and Atlético de Madrid Football Club.

Pablo Gasalla
Iñaki Mediavilla

Iñaki Mediavilla

Co-founder & CPO

More than 10 years of experience in digital marketing, growth, data analysis and product development for some of the most important global internet companies in Spain.

He has been responsible for growth at Softonic and Typeform, two flagships of the internet landscape over the last decade in Spain.

A consultant with extensive experience in the areas of growth and analytics for several leading ecommerce startups as well as building and leading product teams.

You’ll typically find him sitting around a table in good company, with excellent food and even better wine or playing sports and enjoying some great tunes.