Growth Capital

Capital Flexible pour accélérer votre croissance

On met à votre disposition jusqu’à 3M€ pour investir dans la croissance de votre eCommerce. Il s’agit d’un capital flexible pour booster votre entreprise.

Capital intelligent pour e-commerce en phase de croissance



Pré-approbation en temps réel. Recevez votre offre en 24 h.



Le délai de remboursement s'adapte au rythme de vos ventes.

Sans dilution

Sans attente

Aucune garantie personnelle demandée. Sans audit. Sans caution.

Comment fonctionne RITMO Capital?

Connectez vos comptes

Il suffit de quelques minutes pour connecter vos comptes de vente et de marketing à notre moteur de prévision

Choisissez votre offre

Recevez une offre allant jusqu'à 3 millions d'euros en moins de 24 heures.

Remboursez à votre rythme

Remboursez via un petit pourcentage de vos ventes. Si celles-ci baissent, le période de remboursement s’étend sans coûts additionnels.


Why apply for RITMO Growth Capital?

Access to RITMO Growth Capital will allow you to quickly and easily access non-dilutive recurring capital to invest in the growth of your eCommerce without putting your company's cash flow at risk.

RITMO Growth Capital will give you access to up to £3M in less than 24 hours. The funds can be used to support the growth of your eCommerce business by investing in online marketing campaigns, opening new markets, expanding your catalogue...

RITMO's growth capital adapts to the pace and evolution of your company, the repayment is flexible and is made through the payment of a small percentage of your sales, adapting to the evolution of your business. If sales increase, the repayment period will be shortened, and the same in the opposite case.

Our Growth Capital solution offers you recurring and flexible capital to accompany your growth strategy. The more your business grows, the more capital we can offer you. In addition, you will be able to access our Invoice Financing solution at the same time, allowing you to improve your working capital and cash flow cycles.

How does the Growth Capital application process work?

The application process for accessing recurring growth capital at RITMO is very simple and will take no more than 5 minutes.

The steps to receive the growth capital are as follows:

  • Platform registration

  • Connection of your marketing accounts, sales, open banking and accounting systems

  • Analysis of data through our algorithms and scoring

  • Sending of a personalised offer by the RITMO team

  • Approval by the client

  • Funds sent to your bank account

What are the main benefits of Growth Capital?

RITMO financing differs from traditional banking and other financial instruments in three main ways:

  • Fast: you will receive a response in less than 24 hours after connecting your marketing and sales accounts to our forecasting engine.

  • Flexible: repayment is based on the evolution of your sales. If your sales drop, the payback period is extended.

  • Easy: you only need to connect your online marketing and sales accounts. You don't need collateral or personal guarantees to access the funds.

RITMO differs from Venture Capital and private investors by offering non-dilutive financing, i.e. eCommerce entrepreneurs will not have to give up part of their business in exchange for equity. With RITMO you keep 100% of your company.

How long does the process of obtaining funds take?

Once you have connected all your marketing and sales accounts, our sales team will contact you and you will receive a pre-approval offer of funds within 24 hours.

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On stimule votre croissance

De 50k€ à 3M€ en 24h pour accélérer la croissance de votre eCommerce.

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